Leading the market.

Setting new standards.

Innovating lifestyle developments with passion and purpose.

These qualities define Thriven’s dynamic vision of leadership in Malaysia’s property market.

Derived from “thrive” and “driven”, Thriven is the embodiment of a kinetic force and fusion that defines our corporate character.

Our approach to building communities draws on our three cohesive business pillars: property development and investment, hospitality and lifestyle retail, and facility management.

Listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, and backed by a powerful legacy in urban planning and development, our vision is to create integrated communities and deliver a complete living experience where lifestyle, business and leisure come together.

We call this ‘forward living’.


We believe that property development is fundamentally about the future, about innovative concepts for the middle-income market, distinguished by cutting edge planning and design. Our products offer a total lifestyle experience where living, leisure and business come together, in one place. And in pursuit of our vision, we forge mutually beneficial relationships of trust with our business associates and customers. This is Forward Living, in action.


Driven by design and passionate about the delivery of a quality living experience, be that in the creation of new genres in service residences, or master-planned townships with affordable housing. We innovate every project from the broad view of urban planning all the way through to the core of the product, the living space, where people feel the impact of our design on a daily basis. We pursue smarter ways of creating spaces with keen attention to detail and sensitivity to evolving market needs, adopting a thoughtful approach to structures and materials. The result is always a complete living environment and a superior product, which will appreciate in value over time.


For us, property development isn’t just about building houses, it’s about creating holistic, sustainable, living communities. It’s about values. We believe fundamentally in the family as a core unit of society, which is why a ‘Live-Work-Play’ model lies at the heart of our urban planning. We also believe in sustainable development and caring for the environment, which has two aspects. First, we take care to ensure that green spaces comprise at least 25% of the land area of all our developments. Second, we try to keep our carbon footprint and energy consumption low, making astute choices in our building design and the selection of materials and lighting to achieve this.


That no truly great vision can be achieved without collaboration, the mutually rewarding dynamic that creates value for everyone as it moves toward the goal. For this reason, we have brought together a broad-based team internally with a complementary range of skill sets, leveraging our diverse backgrounds toward the shared objective of transforming the development landscape in Malaysia. Externally we also believe in cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships of trust with our business associates, where each contributes their expertise for the best all round result, which for us means happy customers living in well-designed, healthy and sustainable communities.