Property development

Our commitment to delivering a total living experience which is ongoing and sustainable is enabled by three dynamic subsidiaries that work in concert to create, care for and cultivate all the properties in our portfolio: Property Development and Investment, Hospitality and Lifestyle Retail and Facility Management. The synergy of our ongoing services is what unlocks the full potential of project sites, creates a pleasurable lifestyle which is hassle-free and cultivates well-being in our communities. It also assures the continuous growth in value of our customer’s investment, for years to come.

Property Investment

Our approach to each project is detailed and comprehensive, encompassing all steps in the planning and execution process. Beginning with the conceptual stage which includes urban planning, master plan creation, architectural and structural design, to implementation strategies and project and construction management, we drive every phase forward with a concerted mix of vision, energy and talent. We also provide consultancy in the areas of joint management, sales and marketing

Hospitality & Lifestyle

In order to make living in our developments both convenient and enjoyable, we provide a complete range of hospitality and lifestyle- related services with homeowners’ wants and needs in mind. Lifestyle property planning and development ensures the right retail mix to create vibrancy and completeness in the living experience. To this end we have forged long-term partnerships with key retail operators. Our housekeeping department performs those everyday tasks that reduce the stress of living and make it comfortable.

Support staff are always available to go the extra mile for our residents, as and when they are needed.

Facilities Management

Our facility management subsidiary completes the spectrum of our comprehensive services with quality building management, maintenance, leasing and staffing. In-house maintenance teams expertly undertake the business of cleaning, landscaping, security, plumbing, M&E, pool and lift maintenance and pest control. They provide the ‘personal touch’ that ensures post-development activities are carried out efficiently, to maintain high standards, enhance the living experience and safeguard the durability and investment potential of our developments.